Collabo Group CEO & Founder, Jack Kinley, leverages a personal storytelling perspective coupled with research and conversation to connect with audiences and inspire them to become more active in their own journeys as champions of opportunity for everyone.

His talks span both the business and the personal case for creating a more equitable and human experience in the workplace. He shares best practices from his 20+ years in corporate communications, alongside personal stories of growing up a gay, asthmatic, ‘spiritual,’ artist in the deep South to remind us that our differences can often become our greatest asset.

His core keynote and workshop sessions focus on best practices for creating a more inclusive experience for tomorrow’s increasingly diverse workforce. He applies an operational lens and a personal passion for expanding opportunity for others to help audiences understand the ways that bias and scarcity mindsets are harming all of us personally and professionally. Audiences will leave feeling inspired to take ownership of their own power and equipped with new tools and resources to apply in their lives at work and beyond.


Recruiting, Developing & Promoting Diverse Talent

With diversity in the workforce steadily on the rise companies must create strategies and programs to better attract, engage, mentor and promote diverse talent. We will share best practices for integrating programs, policies, and communications strategies to create a more inclusive culture.

Building Authentic Business Relationships in the LGBTQ+ Community

Successful companies know how to leverage the power of diversity to engage new consumers, recruit key talent, and expand their target markets. The LGBTQ+ community has a unique set of needs and expectations when it comes to engaging with companies—and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to satisfying our whole community. Understanding how your business goals and the LGBTQ+ community’s values align are critical in developing meaningful and lasting relationships with one of the most loyal and demanding demographics in the market. In this workshop we help companies evaluate their social responsibility initiatives, community relationships, and employee resource group (ERG/BRGs) strategies to develop authentic business relationships with the LGBTQ+ community.